We have set demanding commitments to help tackle
climate change, enhance our environmental stewardship
and use resources more efficiently.

Our products, services and solutions are needed to build and maintain homes, schools, workplaces, transport and utility services we all rely on in our daily lives. It is important we meet this demand in a responsible way, by helping to tackle climate change, using resources efficiently and making a positive contribution through the stewardship of our sites.

Climate Change

We are taking action on climate change by designing out CO2 from our products and helping customers create sustainable, low carbon buildings and infrastructure.

Environmental Stewardship

Through environmental stewardship we aim to provide a lasting legacy on our sites, and this is encompassed in our commitment to deliver a net positive contribution to biodiversity.

Resource Efficiency

We aim to identify opportunities to utilise recycled materials, design out waste from every stage of the product life-cycle and assist our customers in designing for durability and reuse.