Message from our Senior Vice Presidents

2016 was a busy and exciting year for Tarmac. As a leading business in the UK manufacturing and construction materials sector, we continued to play a central role in supporting delivery of more sustainable social and economic infrastructure, and doing so in way that creates value for customers, employees, communities and the environment.

Sustainability remains a core principle and a critical business-enabling pillar for our organisation, underpinned by our four sustainability priorities of People, Planet, Performance and Solutions.
This sustainability framework helps us to support CRH plc – of which Tarmac is part – in achieving its vision of becoming the leading building materials business in the world by being the best at what we do, delivering for our customers, and creating value for the Group’s shareholders. Embedding sustainability within Tarmac’s strategy ensures that our business continues to prosper and grow, while making sure that our actions have a positive impact on the world around us.

The framework guides the behaviours and approach across every aspect of our business. From prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone who works for or with us; to attracting, retaining and developing talented people; protecting and enhancing the natural environment; innovating our products and services to address customers’ challenges; operating to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethics; focusing on strong financial performance; and building long term engagement with local communities.

2016 saw us make progress against our sustainability milestones. We improved our health and safety performance, while recognising there is more we must do, and continued to play our part in fostering good local relationships and supporting employee skills by providing over 5,500 employee volunteer hours. Our focus on creating value for local communities was recognised when our Contracting business won prestigious national Investors in People Excellence in Social Responsibility award. We also continued to drive customer-focused innovations, such as offsite manufacturing, to support efficiency and productivity in the delivery of UK construction projects, and work with clients to promote the many benefits of using concrete, such as thermal mass and durability.

While 2017 looks set to be another year of change, we are confident that our business is capable of rising to any external challenges it might face. Throughout Tarmac’s long history, it has continually adapted to address the shifting economic, social and political landscape around it, flexing and changing to grow and succeed. Looking ahead, to 2017 and beyond, progress toward our sustainability targets will continue, and we will seek to integrate more closely with CRH to support Group-wide sustainability objectives.

Finally, we would like to thank our external Sustainability Panel for continuing to work alongside us, providing guidance in shaping our approach and progress, and acknowledge the vital role that our employees play in bringing our sustainability strategy to life.

Martin and Oliver

Martin Riley, Senior Vice President, Tarmac
Oliver Mahon, Senior Vice President, Europe North (UK Cement & Lime, Ireland and Finland)

Martin Riley, Senior Vice President, Tarmac
Oliver Mahon, Senior Vice President, Europe North (UK Cement & Lime, Ireland and Finland)

We have integrated sustainability principles into the Tarmac plan and we are focusing our efforts towards the delivery of four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)