About our report

This is our second sustainability report as Tarmac and the third following the launch of our Sustainability Strategy in 2014. This report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – Core requirements.

It focuses on the sustainability issues that are material to our business as identified by our materiality review.


Data reported

The data covers the period January to December 2016, unless otherwise stated, and apply to the following companies which are wholly owned or which we have overall control:

  • Tarmac Cement and Lime Limited
    Tarmac Aggregates Limited
    Tarmac Trading Limited
    Tarmac Building Products Limited
    Tarmac Marine Limited
  • Sapphire Energy Recovery Limited
    Cambrian Stone
    East Coast Slag
    National Road Planning

Data for the following businesses in which Tarmac has an interest are not included in this report:

  • C&H Quickmix
    Celtic Ash Limited
    GRS Bagging Limited
    GRS Roadstone Limited
    Hepplewhite Quarries and Plant Hire Limited
    Isle of Wight Aggregates Limited
    Newhaven Roadstone Limited
    North Tyne Roadstone Limited
    Northampton Aggregates Limited
    Precast Cellular Structures Limited
    ProAsh Limited
  • RH Roadstone Limited
    ScotAsh Limited
    Tarmac Churngold Recycled Aggregates Limited
    Tendley Quarries Limited
    Walsh Construction (Malvern) Limited
    West Lothian Recycling Limited


This report has not been externally assured, although some of the data within it has been externally verified.