The Living Grid

2016 saw the completion of an 18 month long project to install Dynamic Demand across over 200 of our bitumen tanks in conjunction with Open Energi . This project demonstrates our ability to work in support of the National Grid to build a more balanced power network.

Following the successful implementation Tarmacs focus moved, in the second half of 2016, to encouraging others in industry to embrace demand response technologies for the benefit of the wider electricity system and to support UK carbon targets.

In August 2016 our Senior Energy Optimisation Manager, Steffan Eldred, took part in an Engerati webinar, entitled ‘Intelligent Demand Response in Action – The Living Grid’. This webinar aimed to give industrial users an insight into the Living Grid in action and the journey we went through to implement the project.

In November 2016, Steffan Eldred presented at Energy Live News at the Barbican in London in conjunction with David Hill from Open Energi. Again this talk was aimed at educating industry about demand side response and trying to translate the theoretical offerings of many providers into a realistic option for many companies.


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