New packing plant at Tunstead

From plant and product to people and procurement, we are investing in Tarmac’s future success and laying the foundations for focused growth.

In July 2016 we opened our new, state of the art, packing plant at our Tunstead cement works in Buxton, Derbyshire.

Construction started at the new plant in January 2015 and work has been completed safely, and within budget. Thee new plant can pack products in paper and plastic, and is able to increase its standard capacity by up to 20% when required. A team of 20 employees is responsible for overseeing round-the-clock packing operations, as well as loading and maintenance.

This high-capacity, operation will allow us to supply more products, and in less time, to improve supply right across our network.
Raul Morales, Cement Plant Manager at Tunstead, said: “We have been able to capitalise on all the experiences we have from the different packing plants we have around the country to do something efficiently and, more importantly, safely.”

Tarmac is now working with other CRH companies to share knowledge and best practice advice from Tunstead to help other businesses achieve similar success on new projects.

Mike Eberlin, Managing Director, Cement and lime said: “The ambition is that Tunstead will become a flagship for CRH – a jewel in the crown.”


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