Mastercrete innovation aims to cut waste – New 12.5kgs bags

At Tarmac our aims is to ensure the best possible results with the least possible fuss and waste. That’s why we offer a complete range of cements and ready to use products, all backed by a proud history of innovation. Even where we think a product is perfect we will try and improve it!

Our new 12.5kg Mastercrete mix pack launched in 2016 aims to make life easier for our construction customers and those in the DIY market. In addition to our standard 25kg pre-packed cement range, the product develop team at Tarmac working closely with construction professional developed a small 12.5kg bag. The bag size is ideal for a 4:1 sand/cement mix, in that one mixer bag is used with two bags of building sand to create the perfect mix – saving customers time and money as there is no wastage (on average, splitting a 25kg bag creates 5% wastage).

The packing itself is also pretty innovative and has been designed to increase the shelf life of the product. The bags themselves are made from a weatherproof plastic with a breathable membrane and has been ergonomically designed to stand upright with a easy to use carry handle to help make lifting and carrying the product easier and safer.

Mike Lomax, Marketing and communications manager said ‘we’ve shown that this product creates the perfect mix every time, even more reason to have ‘bags of trust’ in the iconic blue circle brand’.


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