Making gains through electronic devices

Our work on developing electronic delivery tickets for orders and deliveries is showing the way in our sector.

Following earlier ePOD trials, Tarmac undertook a pilot phase in 2016 across the A&A and RMX business. This pilot involved 14 sites, 120 drivers, 1400 customers and 13000 ePOD deliveries with a completion rate of 94%.

This pilot was the driver to making a successful business case for national deployment with a dedicated project team which will see ePOD being delivered to the business throughout 2018. Roll-out is expected to commence in Q1 next year and will take approx 10 months to complete. In the meantime a number of smaller, but equally important enabling projects are taking place in readiness. These include the provision of corporate WiFi across circa 300 locations and the purchase, build and deployment of approx 2500 mobile devices.

ePOD will provide an innovative new ticketing system utilising mobile devices. Not only will this allow us to share our proof of delivery documents in new ways, but will also provide new levels of service and interaction throughout the dispatching and delivery process as well as creating a historical audit trail of every delivery to assist with customer service in our invoicing process.
By doing this we remove the need for paper tickets, and all the associated stationary, fuel and storage costs and reducing journeys, driver downtime and time wasted on site.