Life Saving Rules

The Life Saving Rules were introduced into Tarmac into 2016 as part of our integration into the CRH group. The 16 Life Saving Rules represent a key set of health and safety requirements that each operating company must ensure it complies with, to safeguard the wellbeing of its employees, contractors and visitors on a daily basis. The Life Saving Rules were built upon evaluation of serious and fatal incidents across our parent company CRH’s global business and of wider industry sectors. The 16 Life Saving Rules focus specifically on key areas such as;

Contractor Safety, Machinery Safety, Transport, Project & Design Safety, Work at Height and Associated Risks and High Risk Activities including confined spaces, explosive safety and operating process safety.
The Life Saving Rules are supported by;

  • A programme of independent audits carried out throughout the year
  • Management training programmes designed around the overall safety strategy
  • Best practice guides and alerts designed to focus efforts
  • Dedicated safety campaigns

In 2016 each Tarmac business was required to evaluate its current operating practices to ensure they fully meet the requirements of the Life Saving Rules and take steps to address any opportunities identified.


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