Implementing the CRH Code of Business conduct

Our guiding principle is that there is never a good business reason to do the wrong thing, and our core values are integrity, honesty and respect for the law.

To reinforce these positions, we have a Code of Business Conduct that lays out how we expect employees to behave.

The acquisition of Tarmac by CRH PLC in August 2015 led to the replacement of our previous code with the CRH Code of Business Conduct, which is similar but more global in scope. It sets out expected behaviour of employees, suppliers and contractors in areas such as the giving of gifts and hospitality, human rights, the use of social media, discrimination and data protection.

In the case of a joint venture or an associate, we strongly encourage the adoption of our Code or similar compliance materials and procedures that are at least as rigorous as ours. We also expect our suppliers to follow similar principles, and outline our expectations in a separate Supplier Code of Conduct.

Following roll out of the CRH Code of Business Conduct in 2015, online training on the CRH Code will be introduced in 2016, beginning with employees who work within our Competition Law Compliance Programme. Violations of our Code can carry serious consequences for individuals involved, including termination of employment, as well as possible legal sanctions.