Health & Safety Leadership Team

The Health & Safety Leadership Team (HSLT) was established to support our journey to zero harm by listening and learning from what employees and experts can tell us about improving health and safety performance ; learning from outside our company; and sharing best practices across Tarmac. The HSLT comprises senior representatives from our business units and key central functions.

The focus in 2016 has been on four principle areas which were key to help Tarmac achieve its goal of zero harm. These four areas formed the backbone of Tarmac’s safety strategy and were common across all Tarmac’s businesses:

  • Management Systems: a focus on implementing tools to help Tarmac manage health and safety.
  • Communication and Engagement: looking to build on the success of past safety campaigns by ensuring Tarmac has clear communication and processes in place to gather feedback and share best practices in the most effective way.
  • Assurance and Governance: ensuring compliance with systems such as our Life Saving Rules and Risk Register which helps Tarmac check that it has the right support processes to keep everyone safe.
  • Leadership and Culture: a focus on working to support business leaders and supervisors to improve our health and safety performance.

A team was established to focus on each of these principle areas. These teams developed improvement plans and ensured work on these plans was fully implemented across Tarmac, and understanding what practical measures would support health and safety in Tarmac operations.


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