Halecombe kick-starts community engagement

Colleagues at Halecombe quarry started to see their community engagement plan come together when they were joined by over 200 pupils from Kennet School, Thatcham. The GCSE students travelled two hours to view the limestone quarry in groups for their geography studies.

Gill Odolphie and Juliet Lawn from Somerset Earth Science Centre came along to help quarry staff guide the pupils around the 1.7 mile perimeter walk, providing useful and interesting facts along the way.

This event was followed by a visit from the local primary school in which around 50 pupils from the school made the short walk to the ‘Forest School’ on the quarry’s perimeter walk to take part in an Easter egg hunt. The outdoor classroom, which is provided by and maintained by Tarmac employees, is used by the school for lessons and other activities.

After the launch of the community engagement toolkit in January, Halecombe have made great progress in applying their engagement plan. Applying the engagement plan for the site itself is stage 4 of 5 and takes place after the site’s impact on the local community has been measured and the key stakeholders mapped.

Beckie Twinney from Halecombe said: “The site team look forward to continuing this engagement at every opportunity with both our local community and the wider area to make the largest positive impact possible. We’re finding great benefits from establishing these local relationships and can see how all our sites across the UK will benefit from doing the same.”


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