Equipping young Vale children with first aid skills

Forty youngsters from the Rhoose area have were given vital first aid training thanks to colleagues at our Aberthaw Cement Plant. The children, who were aged 9-18 and members of The Vale Parent Child Homework Support Club, underwent the life skills session after we donated money to fund the course.

Our Aberthaw Plant Manager, Chris Bradbury, added, “We were delighted to have been able to fund the course and that there was such an appetite amongst Rhoose youngsters. Safety is of paramount importance to our business, and first aid is a simple skill to learn but it can have an incredible impact. We’re delighted that so many people came forward to undertake the valuable training.”

Taking place at Rhoose Community Centre, the full day course gave the youngsters the opportunity to undertake practical exercises whilst also learning the theory behind first aid and how to treat the most common injuries and accidents.

Ross Harris, 11, from Rhoose Point, was one of the course participants. He said, “We all have accidents and get hurt every so often and so when I learnt of the opportunity to train in first aid I jumped at the chance. The course was fantastic and gave us all a good grounding and understanding of first aid. I certainly now feel much more comfortable and confident in making the right decisions faced in a situation where someone is hurt.”

We provided the funding as part of our local community commitment. We’ve partnered with The Vale Parent/Child Homework Support Club for two years, which helps support children across the Vale of Glamorgan to keep up with their school work and give them confidence in their learning abilities. The Club is run by volunteers and holds English and maths support sessions for local Vale school children and is now helping older family members to further their skills with adult learning support. It meets on Tuesday and Thursday during school term time at the Rhoose Community Centre.


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