Effective restoration work sees former quarry become local wildlife site

Eardington Nature Reserve, located on the site of one of our exhausted sand and gravel quarries near Eardington in Shropshire, is celebrating after it has been officially recognised as a Local Wildlife Site gaining ‘Wildlife status’.

The site is owned by us but leased to Shropshire Council and managed by Shropshire Outdoor Partnerships Service. Friends of Eardington Nature Reserve also worked hard to restore it to a level of consideration to become a Local Wildlife Site.

Our former quarry now consists of a variety of grassland species, a diverse range of wildlife, ancient woodland and pools supporting various invertebrates, Great Crested Newts and uncommon species of plants.

Our Estates Manager, Malcolm Lawer, said: “This is a great example of how, over a relatively short period of time, exhausted mineral extraction sites can be managed to become valuable wildlife sites and provide an amenity for local people to enjoy.”

Old quarry workings often become rich in wildlife because wildflowers flourish on the thin, nutrient-poor soils that are left behind and the irregular ground surfaces provide opportunities for pools to develop. Eardington Quarry is a wonderful mosaic of habitats where nature has been allowed to thrive and the swift development of the site into a recognised Local Wildlife Site is testament to our sustainable approach and the hard work of all those involved in the site restoration.

Friends of Eardington Nature Reserve Chairman, Ian Barrie, said “The designation of the title ‘Local Wildlife Site’ is significant, as it had to be demonstrated that the nature reserve was home to several locally or nationally rare species. We are delighted to now see numerous rare species flourishing at the site.”

Stuart West, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, Shropshire Council, said: “The creation of Eardington Nature Reserve has been a great example of Shropshire Council engaging with the community to improve their local area. We have agreed a site management plan that outlines future projects and will continue to work with Friends of Eardington Nature Reserve to improve and enhance this special place.”


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