Creating a sound structure for community engagement

To help our site teams build even better relationships with local communities, in 2015 we launched a Community Engagement Toolkit across our aggregates, asphalt, and cement and lime business units.

The toolkit offers site managers a range of ideas on community engagement activities, plus advice on how to devise and put in place a local community engagement plan. All our sites now have the capacity to create a mechanism for community liaison, achieving the target we set ourselves for the end of 2015.

The guidance emphasizes that there’s no one approach to developing close ties with neighbours, and encourages local managers to make their own decisions based on who their key stakeholders are and what kind of engagement is most appropriate for their site. It also provides them with examples of best practice activities from other Tarmac sites that may provide inspiration.

Many of our sites have great relationships already and the toolkit provides a perfect opportunity to capture much of the good work that’s already taking place,’ says Michelle Thurgood, Senior Manager of External Affairs, Land and Community. ‘It’s all about taking time to explain what we do, listening to local concerns, and making sure we act on them.’