Big investment – New 300 tonne excavator at Mountsorrel

Mountsorrel is one of the largest granite quarries in Europe and our new CAT 6030 excavator is helping unleash its potential.

Weighing in at a hefty 300 tonnes and generating more than 1,500 horsepower, the excavator is so massive it had to be delivered in sections carried on 12 low-loader lorries. This is a significant investment for Tarmac in a new machine, which offers numerous benefits over some of the older excavators, including a 25 tonne bucket payload capacity, lower fuel consumption and reduced noise levels. Describing the new machine, Operator Peter Bills said; “ it’s much more user friendly to operate. The control systems in the cab have been specifically improved. The cab is more comfortable, the air conditioning is better and access to the operator’s cab (some five metres above ground level) is much improved.

Ian Brown, Manufacturing Manager, said “Our objective is to run the quarry to its maximum output, safely and responsibly. This new piece allows us to do just that.


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